Gregory C. Krueger, M. Div., MSW, LCSW
DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

DOT Regulated Employee

You are probably here because you have either refused or tested positive for a DOT prohibited substance.  Before you can be considered for going back to work in ANY DOT regulated capacity, the DOT requires that you complete the Return to Duty process.  The DOT requires you to be evaluated for substance abuse by a DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, and then complete the recommendations set forth by this person.  I can help you with this requirement.

If you are ready to begin this process, you may contact me for an initial appointment.  My contact information is listed above.  We will agree upon a meeting time for the initial evaluation. This evaluation typically takes from one to two sessions, but can take longer depending on the nature and reliability of the information provided.  The more honest and direct you are with me, the fewer sessions will be required, generally speaking.  

Our sessions are confidential to the general public.  However, the DOT requires and authorizes me to speak with the Designated Employer Representative, Medical Review Officer, any providers of clinical care or educational assistance and any other Key Service Agents as defined in the DOT Rules and Regulations.

While your Designated Employer Representative is ultimately responsible for deciding if or when you return to work, it is my responsibility to determine your readiness to return to safety-sensitive responsibilities as defined in the DOT Regulations.  However, be clear that my ultimate responsibility is the safety of the traveling public.

As your Substance Abuse Professional, my role is to manage your Return to Duty process.  By design, this is a separate function from the actual rehabilitative care you will be recommended to pursue.  The recommendations generally take the form of either education or clinical treatment.  Upon your return for the follow-up evaluation, I will assess your grasp of the alcohol and drug abuse content you need to learn and determine your readiness for returning to work. There are additional costs associated with these services.  I will always identify the best resources I can, and when possible, indicate what I know about the cost of the resource or insurance provider status.

The Return to Duty process is complex and full of critical details which must be completed correctly.  If it is not done correctly, DOT auditors have the right to take immediate measures that are not pleasant for any of us involved in your case.

For additional information, please feel free to contact me at (314) 275-8114 or click here.

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