Gregory C. Krueger, M. Div., MSW, LCSW
DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
When can I go back to work?

Your eligibility to go back to work is determined only after you have completed the DOT Return to Duty Process.  You begin the process by scheduling an appointment with a DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, such as myself.  After the Initial Evaluation is complete, I will make specific recommendations for you.  I will give you specific guidance about how to complete the recommendations.  After you complete them, you may schedule a Follow-Up Evaluation with me.  The length of time between these two evaluations is determined by the specific recommendations given to you and how long you take to complete them.

The purpose of the Follow-Up Evaluation is to determine your eligibility to return to DOT Safety-Sensitive duties.  In all cases, this decision is based on the safety of the traveling public.  

Can I go back to work without doing all of this?

If you want to return to work in any DOT regulated capacity, you must complete this process.  If you want to work for another DOT employer, you still must complete this process.  If you want to work for a non-DOT employer, you may do so at employer discretion.

Do I need to complete all of the recommendations before I can go back to work?


What happens if I think the test result was in error?  Only the Medical Review Officer can determine if a test is valid or not.  The SAP cannot change this.

If you would like to discuss other situations not outlined here, please feel free to contact me at (314) 275-8114 or you may click here.

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